Love wine? Check. Know the proper tasting technique? Check. Want to impress your friends with your impeccable taste? Check. Congratulations, you are well on your way to perfecting your wine expert status and becoming the Frasier Crane of your social circle. Here are a few ways to up your game and make sure everybody knows what a wine connoisseur you are.

Our Wine Expert Tips and How to Embrace Your Inner Wine Snob

  1. Drink Loads of Wine

Get drinking! Find a local wine shop and get to know the owner. Absorb their knowledge. Find out what you like, what regions appeal to you, and what makes a good wine. You will soon become the connoisseur at every dinner party that can identify the year of a Pinot Gris from a room away.
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2. Class up Your Glass

Owning the proper stemware is essential to showing that you know your stuff. We recommend Reidel as a classic choice. Know that the right glass makes all the difference, and remember to point out how wrong every hostess’s glass choices are.

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Different types of wine require different types of glasses. It’s always a good idea to have champagne flutes and port glasses on hand, as well as red and white glasses. Study this handy chart and memorize each type so you can correct your expert

3. Sip Correctly

Part of nailing the glassware is using the proper sipping technique. You’ll soon grimace at every person that grips their glass by *gasp!* the bowl instead of the stem. This raises the temperature of the wine and leaves grubby finger marks on the glass. How dare they?! Don’t worry, step away and breathe, you are not responsible for their oafishness. To show the group that you know how to drink, use the following technique: hold the stem and rotate your wrist so that the wine swirls, dipping your nose in so it almost touches the wine as you inhale. Then, take a sip, tilt your head back, and swirl the wine in your mouth before swallowing. Remember to spit if you are at a wine tasting.

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4.  Order Like a Pro

Step one: Ask for the wine list. Step two: Make sure you are the one to order the wine for the table. After all, you are the expert. Make sure you know the region, vintage, and variety of the wine before you order. Knowing any less is just embarrassing.

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5. Talk About Vintage

Whenever you speak of wine make sure you throw in the term “vintage” as often as possible. Pro tip: with old world wines, the flavors get better with age, but with new world wines (which is what you will mostly be drinking), it has more to do with what happened during that year. Soil and weather conditions affect the wine. Know what years are “good years” and make sure to turn away wine offered from those that are not.

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6. Make Your Own Wine
You can’t call yourself an expert in a trade unless you have tried it yourself. Start with some of our wine making kits and visit us at the shop to learn the technique. Who knows, maybe you can make a better Merlot yourself! After all, you do know everything there is to know about wine.


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7. Show Off Your Wine Opening Expertise

Don’t just wait for any barbarian to open the wine. Bring your own favorite bottle opener and pop the cork yourself – with agility and finesse. You know how to do it right! Ask the host if they have a decanter. If not, no problem. You’ve got one in the trunk of your Beamer.

While some of these tips are a little over the top, all the great wine snobs are. Whether you’re a wine expert or a wine rookie – embrace your passion! If you want to swirl and spit – so be it! We support you. Just try not to look like Frasier and Niles Crane while doing so.

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