shutterstock_288527003While very important, cleaning a carboy will never be one of your favorite steps to brewing beer. There is no miracle cleaning product or method on how to clean a carboy. But, these 4 steps will at least get those carboys as clean as possible!

Follow these 4 steps on how to clean a carboy after your brew is done:

  1. Warm water and a cleaner such as PBW or OxiClean work great for getting off the gunk. A gentle shake of the carboy should remove the first layer of crust. Shake a few times, rinsing in between.
  2. If warm water, cleaner, and shaking don’t seem to cut the grime, then your next move is a long soak. Fill the carboy with a solution of up to 4 fluid ounces of  bleach per 5 gallons of water, and let it sit overnight (the longer the better).
  1. If your carboy is still dirty after the overnight soak, then it will need some more work. Don’t just leave it dirty and go on to your next batch of beer, you will definitely regret it! You’ll need to take a carboy brush, a little elbow grease and work on the gunk. If your carboy is plastic, be very careful and wrap the brush in a sock or cloth so it won’t scratch the surface.
  2. If, after all of this, the grime and gunk still won’t come off, then you need to buy a new carboy. There is no more need to waste time on cleaning. But, if you are really set on keeping this dirty carboy, repeat steps 1-3.

Goodluck and happy cleaning!