an ale is one of the easiest beers to make

Like many trades, it is best to start out small with your experiments and grow to more advanced work.  In the homebrewing world, there are many levels of beer experimentation from very easy to incredibly advanced.  While, most beers require a certain attention to detail if you want to make sure your batch turns well, some are a lot easier than others. We will run through some of the most forgiving beers to the new home brewer.

In general, lagers are trickier than ales since they have to be kept at a cooler temperature during fermentation. So, if you are a beginner you will probably want to start with some ales. The following are four styles will help you start your life as a home brewer on the right foot.

The Four Easiest Beers to Make at Home:

American Pale Ale

Pale ales are low in malt, and allow you to experiment with hops without ruining your beer. Since the bitter flavor that is known for the style is determined by the amount of hops, this is a beer for experimentation that can be done with little risk. 

American Wheat Beer

Like the American Pale Ale, American wheat beers don’t require a lot of unique ingredients as long as wheat malt extract is used. The hop levels can vary and yeast is the only ingredient that requires extra attention. This is also a well-liked beer by almost anyone, so a great one to experiment with for gifts and tasting parties. 

Brown Ale

Brown ales are easy for a beginner, but they  have a few more restrictions on the type of hop and malt compared to the two styles above. 

This type of beer is a perfect example of a beer that sounds more complicated to make than it actually is. A great one to impress your friends and family with! It’s versatile depending on your taste for hops and malts, but basically is a combination of a wheat beer with a dark, rich German Dunkel.  A fun one to try if you haven’t branched out much before. 

These types of beer are typical starters to more advanced beer recipes, but each is popular for reasons beyond easy creation. They are all delicious and crowd pleasers! Try one out today and explore our kits to get started.