Bottle of wine laying on hay. How long does it take to make wine St Louis Wine and Beermaking

Compared to beer, how long does it take to make wine? Much like home brewing, wine making is a process that is recommended for those who can wait out the patience required for a great tasting beverage. As eager as we are to pop the cork on our first homemade bottles of wine, it requires significantly more time than brewing beer would. In the wine world, there’s a saying you’ll want to keep repeating to yourself: good things come to those who wait.

Using a wine kit, such as our Vintner’s Reserve, or Island Mist, you can expect most of these wines to be ready for bottling after about one month of aging. However, it is recommended that you let the wine age as long as you’re able to, because the aging process is what mellows out the wine and improves the taste. For that reason, we often advise home wine makers to give the wine about 40 days.

After that, your wine is ready…for bottling, that is! Do not attempt to drink your wine at this point, because it hasn’t had the time to release its aroma and flavors that the bottling process creates. Because of the aging time required, it is best to make several batches of wine each month. This way, by the time your wine has fully aged and has great flavor, you’ll be well stocked with many bottles to enjoy!

How long does it to make wine? A cheat sheet:
1 Month: Absolute minimum bottling time required before any wine is ready for tasting.

3 months: Wine will begin to show some character in its flavor.

6 months: Recommended time for many white wines, and almost all reds.

9+ months: Matures the flavor of the wine, bringing out the full spectrum of bold tasting notes while fully allowing the bitterness of the alcohol to subside. Many wine makers like to age dark red wines for extended amounts of time.