How to make wine at home

Those who enjoy a good glass of wine know that the perfect bottle can complement almost any occasion. What better way to impress guests than by popping open a bottle of your own creation? If you’d like to get started in the world of wine making, it’s not as difficult or scary as you might think! We carry a variety of wine making supplies and wine making equipment for you to brew your own flavorful masterpiece. This guide will be for those who want an introduction on how to make at wine at home using a kit!

Side Note: If you are a beer maker you are way overqualified to make these kits, they are so much easier to make compared to beer as it does not require any boiling of ingredients! Your biggest challenge will be patience: it takes some ageing time to create a delicious wine.  Depending on the kit the waiting will be somewhere between 0 and 15 months.

Here is what you’ll need if you want to learn how to make wine at home:


1. A basic 6 gallon brewing kit:


How to make wine at home with a wine making equipment kit

2. A wine recipe kit with your favorite flavor/style:


Eclipse Sauvignon Blanc Wine Kit STL Wine and Beermaking


3. Wine bottles

How to make wine at home: Wine bottles STL wine and beermaking


4. Corks or caps

How to make wine at home: corks STL beer and wine making


5. Wine corker (if you use corks) 

Wine corker STL wine and beermaking


After you have your equipment and ingredients:

  • Make sure to clean your equipment! Use the one step cleaner to thoroughly wash all of your brewing equipment, including utensils that might come in contact with your ingredients.  Then follow with a rinse using a solution of potassium metabisulfite sanitizer.   Failing to sanitize could affect the taste of your wine.  Do NOT rinse out the metabisulfite, just let it drain for 2 minutes.  The equipment does not need to be dry to continue.
  • Follow the instructions of your kit, using the exact amount of ingredients specified. For example, if you are using the Eclipse Sauvignon Blanc kit above, the winexpert instructions, included with the kit, will tell you to begin by pouring 6 gallons of cool water into your glass carboy. Then, transfer that water into your fermenter bucket, and mark a line where the water level is at. Discard the water after.  Note: this step will not need to be done with St. Louis Wine & Beermaking kits as the kit buckets are already marked.
  • Remember that the starting temperature of the wine is critical for the brewing process. If yeast is added to a kit that is too hot or too cold, it will not ferment or clear properly. Double check that the juice temperature is between 72–75°F before you add yeast.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that each kit may have different ingredients and instructions, and when making wine from a kit, you want to be as precise as possible. There is generally a minimum waiting time for wine to taste good, and your kit will have instructions as to how long you should wait to ferment, bottle, and then finally drink your wine. For more on wine fermenting times, check out our wine fermenting times FAQ page.

These are just some basic tips when it comes to how to make wine at home. If you’re not sure what to do, or your recipe kit instructions are unclear, don’t be afraid to ask us! We’ll happily answer questions and have you on your way to making your own delicious wine.