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STL wine and beer making store for home brewingIf you’ve been home brewing for some time, you may know that our store has had a lot of history in St. Louis! As far back as we know, sometime in the mid 1970’s, we used to be known as Wine-Art of St. Louis. Home wine making was definitely a niche hobby then, and beer makers were even harder to find.

After a change of ownership and name and we briefly became Bacchus & Barleycorn, Ltd.
A fun fact: much like the price of gas, in those days you could get a gallon jug for less than a buck! 1990 brought another change of ownership when Koelle Paris, an avid wine enthusiast, purchased the store. Our location back then had been on Clayton Rd, a lot closer to St. Louis. The name was changed to St. Louis Wine & Beermaking and the location moved to The Lamp and Lantern Village of Chesterfield, in 1990.

A fiercely loyal following developed, and luckily too as the store was tucked away into a corner that wasn’t easy to find. The business grew into St. Louis’ only real source for wine and beermaking knowledge, ingredients, and equipment. It was in 2006 that current owner David Deaton bought the store and the home brewing movement was really taking off. By 2009 we had outgrown our space and needed to look at the daunting task of relocating. We were fortunate that a larger space was available in The Lamp and Lantern Village, and more importantly, it was easier to find! We finished the move Thanksgiving week of 2009, and not a moment too soon as the holiday rush was on.

Today, we continue to offer a huge variety of wine, beer, and other home brewing supplies and kits from all over. We couldn’t have done it without continued support from amazing customers such as yourself!

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St Louis Wine and Beermaking

231 Lamp & Lantern Village

Chesterfield, MO. 63017


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