winemaking ingredients for the summerSummer is here and so a bounty of fruit for wine making season! Are you ready to try blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, watermelon, and more in your wine? By stocking up on just a few key winemaking ingredients,  you’ll be ready for any fruit that may catch your eye at the market. Not all of these ingredients will be necessary for every wine you make, but overall they are the best to have on hand and most used.

6 Winemaking Ingredients To Always Have on Hand

  • Wine Yeast– this is one you will always need. Just grab a container of a few different types. This is what turns the sugar into alcohol.
  • Yeast Nutrient: This ingredient helps to invigorate the wine yeast and get it fermenting at a quicker pace.
  • Pectic Enzyme – This aids in pulling flavor from the fruit, which will come in handy for those summer fruit wines we were talking about. It breaks down the fruit’s fiber so that more flavor can be released. It also aids in the clearing of the wine.
  • Acid Blend – This brings the fruit acids up to a flavorful level to make a delicious wine. Any wine recipe that calls for water will need this ingredient to bring the wine’s acidity up to a proper level for consuming.
  • Wine Tannin – Adds zest to the wine, as it is the peel flavor from fruit. Wine tannin also helps the wine clear and age correctly.

Have fun making wine this summer and let us know how it turns out! Remember you can also purchase a winemaking kit that has all the ingredients you need for a certain amount of wine. This is an easy go to if you are just starting or want to try a new type of wine.

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